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Blacks On Cougars

Crystal-clear HD porn videos and pictures from great interracial porn site Blacks On Cougars.

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January 20 2009
Posted by mfk  [ 00:56 ]
Hot cougar Dana Devine from Blacks On Cougars
Blond Cougar MILF in interracial DP threesome
Blacks on Cougars - Dana Devine
I was on the wrong side of the tracks today in my search for black thugs who pack more than guns. Much like wine I'm getting better with age and much hornier. My husband is with the kids so I had free time to get fucked the right way and via fat thug dick. I knew I was getting close since the graffiti on the wall and the dangerous neighborhood told me I was getting closer and closer to the jackpot. I encountered these two gangster-looking young guys who were surprised to see this cougar on their turf. I was able to get them to my pad and got them naked faster than you can say "Honey,I'm home!". I went back and forth taking turns sucking on these 2 fat cocks which were as wide as the cans of soda I usually pack in my husband's lunch.They couldn't stop pumping my face full of thick black dick. I wasn't going to be completely happy until my pussy was stretched out to a size that could never happen with white dick. I saw G-d and shook the walls with my screams since I couldn't remember that last time I was fucked into oblivion. I only go back to that bad neighborhood when I need my fill of interracial sex. More free galleries here
Posted by mfk  [ 00:54 ]
Hot MILF Janet Mason from Blacks On Cougars
Hot MILF Janet Mason in interracial threesome
Blacks on Cougars - Janet Mason
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Posted by mfk  [ 00:53 ]
Hot MILF Raven Black from Blacks On Cougars
Cougar lawyer fucks 3 black clients interracial
Blacks on Cougars - Raven Black
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Posted by mfk  [ 00:52 ]
Hot MILF Payton Leigh from Blacks On Cougars
Hot Blond Cougar MILF fucks 2 young blacks cumeat
Blacks on Cougars - Payton Leigh
I can't believe how lucky I got this morning. I was walking around the tougher part of the city when I came across Jason Brown and Ice Cold. Their car had broken down and I offered to barter my pussy for helping them. They looked at me as if I were nuts but soon realized I meant what I was laying down on them. They still seemed weird when I made my advances towards them but that anxiety didn't affect their black dicks for getting nice and hard for me. My heart was racing a million times a second and I wasted no time in getting to my knees and trying to suck those big black dicks until they couldn't take it anymore. I wasn't going to let go of these two "brothers" and wrapped my white pussy lips around over two feet of black dick they provided for me. Just take a look at how much cum I was able to get out of them and you know that this white cougar pussy was good. More interracial sex from Blacks On Cougars here
Posted by mfk  [ 00:51 ]
Hot MILF Syren DeMer from Blacks On Cougars
Brunette Cougar MILF gets interracial gangbang
Blacks on Cougars - Syren DeMer
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Posted by mfk  [ 00:49 ]
Hot MILF Rae Rodgers from Blacks On Cougars
Redhot Cougar MILF fucks young black eats his cum
Blacks on Cougars - Rae Rodgers
Being a cougar in higher learning has its advantages. One of the finer black studs on campus, Jason Brown, needed to add a class so he could graduate on time. I needed my white pussy filled with black dick so it looked as if we'd be helping each other out. He initially refused my advances but the rock hard black dick that popped out said otherwise. I was soon on my desk as his meaty black dick filled me up. The echoes of his balls slapping against my once white ass could be heard several classes down. I couldn't wait to see this young stud's load shoot from his cock and I wasn't disappointed in its creamy thickness.You can call me one satisfied cougar who's now making interracial sex a mandatory class next semester. I'm now making house-calls to all my black students because small dicks just don't make the grade. More MILFs from Blacks On Cougars here
Posted by mfk  [ 00:48 ]
Hot MILF Stephanie Wylde from Blacks On Cougars
Brunette Cougar MILF takes on 3 blacks Interracial
Blacks on Cougars - Stephanie Wylde
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Posted by mfk  [ 00:47 ]
Hot MILF Shannon Kelly from Blacks On Cougars
Redhead Cougar MILF does interracial DP eats cum
Blacks on Cougars - Shannon Kelly
I can't help but stare at these two black guys doing work behind my building. I was fixated on them and wondering how much black dick they were packing in their pants. I couldn't wait a second more to find out and approached them to see if they had a break coming up. My sick mind wanted them to break my pussy in half with cocks I'm sure dwarfed any whites ones I ever fucked with.It was broad daylight outside so I quickly shoved their black poles down my mouth. I would never have thought about doing this kind of thing when I was younger but a woman does have her needs. I got them naked in no time and wasn't expecting for them to go in my pussy and ass at the same time but I was so excited that it was a welcomed surprise. I drained their balls like a good little lady and sent them back to work since my old man was paying them by the hour. More videos from Blacks On Cougars here
Posted by mfk  [ 00:46 ]
Hot MILF Keira Kensley from Blacks On Cougars
Hot Cougar MILF sucks and fucks 2 young blacks
Blacks on Cougars - Keira Kensley
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Posted by mfk  [ 00:44 ]
Hot MILF Chennin Blanc from Blacks On Cougars
Blonde Cougar MILF fucks and sucks young black
Blacks on Cougars - Chennin Blanc
They say, revenge is a dish best served cold. My wealthy soon to be ex-husband has been running off banging young girls instead of writing my alimony checks. I had to get back at him and what better way then seducing one of his top employees who happens to be a fit, young black piece of meat. I called Charlie Mac over to cry on his shoulder but the only body part of his that was running through my head was that third leg of his. He was worried he'd lose his job for fucking his boss' wife but he was thinking with the head in his pants and not on his head. I took out all my frustrations on Charlie's black cock and the chance of him being on unemployment was worth it if he got this cougar pussy on a regular basis. He shot his load all over my face and we fuck on a daily basis but only at night. I'm with my lawyers during the day since my white hubby could only satisfy me with several zeros on the checks he's about to write. Read more about Blacks On Cougars here
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